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Jun 5, 2008
Hi Everyone I haven't posted in awhile. I have had the picc line in since last Aug 07. Can't say I'm that much better. I have now been on Rocephin, Doxycycline, Zthromax, and now Cefepime. (300 or more total infusions) I'm having terrible cognitive problems. First I feel like my brain is inflamed. I don't run a high temp it feels like my brain or around my head has burning sensations. It's hard to explain. I have total depression and just can't understand much of whats going on. Watching TV is tough to follow. I still can't work. I have constant anxiety and panic. I still have the constant ringing in my ears and they hurt like there inflamed also. I have the constant neck and mid back pain.

Today on my neck I broke out with 23 total circular slightly raised rash. About the size of a dime. I took pictures like you always say to do Ticker. I put a coin next to them also. I have been sick that I know of since January 2006. I have never had a rash. Any ideas why now and what it could be? Why over two years later a rash? Or now after 8 months of antibiotics?

6Blues I read your reply to another post from 6-4-08 and you say that you break out in Bartonella spots. Can you relate more on what they look like and do you get many at one time and do they appear in different areas. Does what I describe sound like Bartonella? Is there anywhere that I can see a picture of Bartonella spots?

I have always suspected that I have Bartonella co-infection. I have all the symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, low grade fevers, headaches, ringing in the ears, extreme anxiety-panic, poor sleep, heel pain, heart palps, dizziness, balance problems, and the list goes on and on...

6Blues I have just about all your symptoms. Did you ever suffer through extreme anxiety-panic?

Back to this brain thing. Coul it be Lyme die-off causing it. Or might it be cranial neuritis, or some other inflamation that I should get checked out by a CT or MRI?

I can't believe that I can't get better!


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