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I've been on prednisone for years now and I have to say that that drug can make it seem like you're cured almost. Since you're not suppose to be on that drug long term you want to only use it in emergency situations(some people take small maintenance doses). I was diagnosed with Lupus then Dermatomyositis, then my Rheum started to tell me he didn't know why I'd always flare up under 20 mg of pred, my symptoms were starting to not look like DM and I wasn't responding to any of the immunosuppressants they were giving me- we stopped at Cellcept which I am still on. My Rheum didn't hesitate to rule out Lyme when I mentioned it so I am awaiting my results-even if it's just to rule it out.

I'm just saying please be careful with the prednisone. I know it makes you feel better but it tends to just mask the symptoms and not get to the heart of the problem so on a high enogh dose you can feel cured but when you try to lower you find that the problems are still there. Unlike what abx does for people with lyme, prednisone does not do for people with autoimmune diseases which is to attack the main problem. Is your doctor trying other treatments in conjunction? Plaquenil? Methotrexate?

Glad you found the right dx and hopefully I will find the proper one for myself as well. Good luck.

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