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Hi all,

I suspect Lyme for myself but like so many others I have a doc who needs proof in the form of a positive test -going to switch providers in 30 days-for insurance purposes. I am swamped in bills at the moment and I can't afford a full lyme test so I figured I'd go with one to get the ball rolling and get the rest when I get my bills caught up in the next couple of months.

Which test would be more reliable? I'm looking at both western blots but is an IgM better than an IgG?or vice versa? Also my boyfriend said he could throw in a little something(he's pretty much in the same boat as I am with the bills) so I started to look at the PCR tests. Serum or whole blood are they necessarily better than western blot?

In the end I know the best thing would be to get everything but I just don't wanna put my health on complete hold any longer because I don't have all the funds. Any info on which test would be the best would be greatly appreciated.


Myself and another person who sees the same doctor, both just had the IgM tests (thru Igenex). We both believe we were infected 15-20 yrs ago, and both of us tested CDC positive.

Some people test IgM + years after infection, when many others only test IgG +. Maybe if you get enough people to post their situations, you can make a better decision? Of course getting both tests would be ideal, if possible. :)

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