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Re: Lyme/Mold Combo
Jun 21, 2008
[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]Yes, I have both Lyme and mold problems. Some of my first symptoms were severe allergies and chronic bronchitis/pneumonia. Considering I was in my early 30’s and had been in excellent health and then literally overnight came down with all these symptoms. I went from no allergies to what seemed like the entire environment made me have an allergic reaction.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]My symptoms started out over the first year or so with sinus pressure, sinus "infections", ringing ears, day long-every day excruciating headaches, toxic feeling and metallic taste, fatigue, off and on cold and then sweats through out the day, stiff neck, terrible jaw aches, buzzing im my teeth and face, tingling in neck, jello legs, drunk bumping into walls and dropping things out of my hands, tingling/coldness in hands/feet/legs, shin and heel pain, shortness of breath, light sensitivity, little moving eye orbs. The fatigue and stiffness were there in the morning when i got up and never seemed to leave. The tiredness I felt after lunch at work was almost debilatating. Like a brain fog, I couldn't do anything, even keep my eyes open.

They started right arount the time I moved into an apartment after living at home with my parents for a bit after college, started a new job, and was really stressed out. I can remeber clear as day it was Sunday night the night before I was starting my new job. I had this wave of headache nausea, insomnia and panic. I didn't sleep all night. This felt way different and above and beyond whatever stress I was feeling. [/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]I can’t have any chemicals in my environment, so have been cleaning with vinegar and baking soda for years. Removing pets, giving up chocolate, soy, encasing all mattresses, added hepa air cleaners, and the list goes on—helped.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]I have started to use more of these natural cleaning elements. I can't stand dryersheets, newspaper, air freshener, perfumes, mothballs, stove cleaner, musty, moldy, damp, etc. Chemical sensitivites and a very overpowering sense of smell has been one of my hallmark symptoms. This one definitely changes back and forth while on antibiotics.

I do use a hepa air filter, and have encased my pillow and both matresses in the special covers. I am pretty much allergic to lots of stuff CATS, dogs, trees, grasses, dust mites, molds . . . I also came up slightly allergic to carrots and peanuts on a skin test. I had mild asthma when I was a kid, but that seemed to resolve itself.

I must agree with you on the chocolate. It doesn't matter what kind of chocolate I have. Dark 70%, milk, no sugar added. . . chocolate seems to make my body react. I don't know why. IT's not 100$ of the time for me but about 85% of the time. [/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]But I still seemed to be going down hill. But if we tried adding any of the items we removed from my environment back in, I got even sicker—so removing them was helpful.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkred"]My friends/family couldn't/can't understand why I remove certain foods, environmental chemicals. i was always a little shy and quiet- able to entertain myself most of the time, but I became more or a "recluse" because at that point I was not feeling well at all.

About two years into this 3 year thing. I figured out that the three things that look similar to my symptoms, are Lyme, mold, and gluten intolerance/Celiac. I started messing around with cutting out gluten, dairy, limiting sugar, and lmiting alcohol drastically. off- gluten got me to a better plateau, but I still didn't feel well. My sinus pressure were helped a bit and so were my headaches. Joint aches and muscle tiredness didn't seem to correlate as closely with removal of gluten.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]I, too, seemed to get better when out of town, but would be very ill within hours of coming back home.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkred"]I do feel better when I go away for a weekend, most times, but it takes at least a day or two or more. I also notice a weekly pattern and a vague monthly pattern. It's funny because I do notice almost every Sunday/Monday I fell worse. Tuesday/Wed can be really bad too. [B]It's interesting because Sunday was the first day 3 years ago I did not feel well. [/B] Sometimes the pattern flips and I feel worse at the end of the week. This pattern seems to happen regardless of whether I spend the weekend in my apartment or go away. I do notice that when I return to my apartment on Sunday and to work on Monday my symptoms are crazy. After about 3.5 months of antibiotics now my weekly symptoms see much less

Lyme is one smart bacteria. I think it works "well" with mold exposure. I really think it can sense stress, envirtonmental toxins, changes in your body or your environement. The mold probably takes resources from your immune system and then the Lyme is able to do more if its thing.

In any event I'm looking at another apartment in my complex and hopefully moving out of this one. Hopefully in July. I'm pretty sure this will help. I'm pretty sure there is mold in the wall/and or ceiling and outside in the hallway ceiling. There is a water stain in the hall way outside my apartment.

[B]If it was mold only, then I probably wouldn't be responding to the antibiotics. That's the kicker. I think they would make me feel worse[/B] It only took me 3 years to figure this all out. Only had antibiotics recently so now I am able to put some backing behind that statement. [/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]but I started developing strange “arthritis” symptoms after living in my new home. (Years later we understood that was Lyme taking a different shot at me.)[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkred"]About a year after I started not to feel well, I started getting joint aches. I remember clearly it started in my fingers on my left hand moved around and now seems to be in the knees and elbows and jaw. It was actually after a 5 day dose of Cipro sor some "colitis". I know those antibiotics have their own set of nasty side effects, but I don't think that's what happened in my case. My theory is that the Cipro kicked Lyme around and caused it to take a hike elsewhere in my body. My gut is/was still having issues though. Less issues since antibiotics. At the time of the cipro I also used a lye stove cleaner to clean my oven- at that time I didn't know any better. I did wear a paper mask and some gloves but probably didn't matter if I was breathing it in. I think the two of those things "excited" the Lyme. [/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]Unfortunately, a year ago I also became gluten intolerant and had to give up all wheat, barely, rye and oats—or get violently ill if I have them. I am so intolerant that any medication I am on has to be compounded so the pills “fillers” that can contain minute amounts of gluten don’t set me off.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkred"]I think gluten intolerance for me is only a bi-product of Lyme, I see it getting better after more treatment, I dunno for sure though. I had the fat slick water, soft stools, and what looked like mucus for the first year or two. I think that had more to do with the Lyme. I never had the typical diareah per se, but some Celiacs or gluten intolerant people don't.

I haven't wanted to test the Gluten out much at all yet. I don't know if the gluten in the pills would make me feel worse. Hard to really tell everything apart sometimes. [/COLOR]

[QUOTE=fushiacat;3614639]When trying to find out what was wrong with me a year ago I went through the scopes down the throat and up the other end. It was also during this such that I had a blood test taken for Lyme disease (the first time I was ever tested, and only done at my request.) So I guess the gluten intolerance was a mixed blessing. It led me to a diagnosis that finally fit all my symptoms—Lyme. I had been going nuts all these years wondering what in the world happened to me to suddenly become sick.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkred"]I went through the scopes and biopsy done at the end of June last year. This seems to be common among part of the Lyme community. Blood tests were negative, biopsies were negative. This also helped me turn towards Lyme and do a ton of research on it to see if it would fit.

The last several days on this Biaxin/Plaq have been very helpful to my metal and physical status. Finally something tangible :D.

I also susptect babesia and bartonella but have not gotten tested. I know artemisinin aggitates the hell out of something in my body. Deffinitely had a herx reaction to it when I took only 3 capsules back in December. Definitely not an allergic reaction.


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