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Lyme hell...
Jul 15, 2008
I wanted to post my story if this helps anyone else get treatment.

Back in September I started having tingling in my fingers so they confirmed it was a trapped ulnare nerve, or was it. The surgery to move the nerve revealed a terrible swollen and inflamed joint. Was it really pinched or was the inflamed joint pressing the nerve further into the notch making it worse or causing the problem. Anyway, moving the nerve helped and the tingling subsided. The pain in the elbow along with puffinesss continued.

Then about two weeks later I started having pain in the feet, then tingling that traveled up the legs. Then started a slew of symptoms over about a month, low body temperature, shaking, tremors, twitching, numbness, knee joint pain at night, intolerance to cold, terrible pain in my right foot, shortness of breather, numb spots on my face and head. Reaction or infection from surgery? Lyme? Things calmed down a little, but the pain and tingling in the feet continued as did the periodic twitching of muscles, followed by some short term memory issues. Slowly a pain in my wrist got worse and worse, till the hand started turning blue, purple, felt tight, painfull, then the pain traveled up the arm and now the shoulder can hurt and crack, make noises, feels weak, my neck cracks, you name it. Keep in mind, the hand is dark colored and mottled no matter the temperature or weather.

After seeinf COUNTLESS doctors, they finally felt it could be Lyme or coinfections. I ended up with a specialist in PA who only treats with Fluconazole for the most part, and also a specialst in MD who is waiting for my blood work to come back from a tick borne disease lab in Ca.

Then, I am starting to wonder if my Ulnar entrapment surgery was a failure? The surgery was last October. I have had on and off puffiness and tenderness in that elbow since surgery. The other day while working out, I started having this sharp pain right in the area of the elbow where the surgery took place, basically where the Ulnar nerve runs. Now, my elbow hurts at that spot when I flex or extend the arm. The pain is felt when the elbow is at a half way point or a 45 degree angle and feels like the nerve or something is hitting a bone or something. Hard to explain but that is how it feels ever since the other day. I can see the nerve jumping when I move the elbow.

I am going to set an appointment with the surgeon but I am afraid they won't listen or believe this...


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