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LP Puncture/ Lyme
Jul 19, 2008
Hi Everyone first time post. I would like to hear from people who have had or know someone who has had a LP done. I would like to know how you felt after the procedure. I know the anxiety before hand must be great. Would you do it again and did it reveal anything?

I've been treated with antibiotics for nearly a year through a picc line. Although there were about three months off during the year. I have had Rocephin, Doxy, Zithro, and the last Cefepime.

I know that Lyme dosen't always show up in an LP. My doctor is concerned that I don't seem to be getting any better. I had a cd-57 in Feb 08 it was 44Low. I recently had another one it is now 50. So an increase is good however I have terrible ringing ears, neck creaks/ cracking, terrible insomnia, and extreme panick/ anxiety that last's all day and night. I have been shut down for 2 1/2 years and I do feel that I'm crazy a lot.

So my doctor is thinking other things. He does realize that my cd-57 and Imunglobulin M are low.:confused: He feels that the Lyme should have been killed already.

I don't know what to do and am concerned about an LP.

Thanks for any answers.

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