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Re: Cyst / Lyme?
Jul 30, 2008
Lyme's can be found in nearly any state, though it's pretty bad in the NE.

It can be hard to get a CDC-positive Lyme test result. Basically way back in the day CDC decided upon a set of criteria that to them consitituted a "positive" Lyme test result. They specifically said that those criteria were for their internal tracking purposes only, and not to be used to diagnose disease, but of course lazy docs and labs seized upon their criteria. CDC has even estimated that their criteria excludes 90% of people who might have otherwise tested positive. Many of the "bands" they test for are specific to Lymes, such that having ANY positives bands is grounds for concern. Requiring 5 of them like CDC does is insane.

I'd have your doc ship a blood sample to Igenex in CA state as they use more relaxed criteria and seem to do a better job on detecting Lyme's and other tick-borne diseases - which you also need to be tested for as you can get several in the same tick bite as Lyme's.

Your symptoms could be several things, so wait to see what the doc says. However, be aware that most docs, even in endemic areas, basically don't know much about Lyme's, and if they even attempt treatment, will use old and outdated CDC treatment protocols. You really should, if you suspect Lyme's, find a Lyme-literate doc. Check here for one in your area:

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