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It was the summer of 1993, my husband and i had started working for the National Forest Service up in the Hiawatha National Forest in the upper peninsula of michigan. We had been there for 2 months when a fellow camper noticed a rash on the back of my leg. I really didn't think to much of it because we were out blueberry picking and i figured i was bitten by a fly or bee or something. Besides I felt great.

Then about two to three days later vertigo set in. I had never had anything like this in my life and it scared me . I couldn't stand for about a half hour or so until things stopped spinning. I went to the doctor told her about the rash. She said there had never been a case of lymes in the upper peninsula and let it go at that. I also noticed that the limp-nodes under my arms were swollen up and my knee was having pain in it. After running through a battery of test she wanted me to come back in for a mamma gram. She told me she thought I might have breast cancer. Of course this frazzled my nerves to the end.

In waiting for the mamma gram i kept having break downs. I would just sit down and cry, or get mad over nothing. Mostly I cried. By the time I went back to the doctor, by now it was 3 weeks after my bite. She notice I was very depressed and put me on prozac. the wonder drug,The mamma gram came back fine. but now I was having headaches and sinus problems. I also felt like i was under the flu bug. I had body aches all over the place. My knees were hurting all the time. My fingers and wrist started feeling like they were arthritic. So they put me on pain medication. without it i didn't get out of bed.

I got a sinus infection and was put on antibiotics for two weeks. Suddenly I was starting to feel better. I was glad that was over, at least thats what i thought. It stayed in hiding for a short time and the summer ended we went back down state, (lower michigan) to my home. There the aches and pains started again along with the sinus problems and back to the doctor i went. They told me i had chronic sinusitis. Back on to antibiotics i went, another ten days. I began to feel better. As soon as the antibiotics ended I was sick again. Back to the doctor i would go.

They would put me on a stronger antibiotic for ten days. I would start to feel great until the antibiotics were gone then it was back to square one. I kept telling the doctors, I had seen four different ones by this time. Every time the antibiotics would stop I would go right back to being sick again. I told them all about the tick bite and the rash, They all assured me there were no cases of lymes in michigan. I was still on the prozac and the pain medications and that was the way I remained for several years.

The pain medications would not work half of the time so my husband heard of a clinic in kentucky that had helped people with chronic pain so off we went. They ran me through his array of test and came back with nothing. Told me it was all in my head. I knew what i was feeling wasn't my imagination it was real very real. and very painful. We went back to michigan the doctors gave me higher doses of pain medication and prozac and sent me home.It seemed like i had seen so many different doctors trying to figure out what was wrong that i knew what they were going to ask me and what test they would run.

My husband was frantically searching for anything that would help me. Things would continue to get worse as time went on.I was at the point when I woke up in the morning i was in so much pain, it took everything i had just to get to my recliner in the living room. There i would stay until it was bed time. In the year 2001 we went to a pain clinic in grand rapids michigan. There they checked me for allergies, heavy metals,any kind of toxins. They really gave me a work up. The test all came back negative except for one .......lymes disease.....finally someone had seen it. My husband was in shock! I was relieved that this thing finally had a name. But that was a very bad name.

It was 2002 before they discovered what I had, they started heavy antibiotics but we figured it would just go dormant like it had done before, And because of all the sinus infections i was getting they kept putting me on different kinds of antibiotics that it had built a immunity up to them. So we went with putting my blood through a blue light to kill the thing. They also put oxygen into my blood. It took several weeks but i finally got finished. I believe the thing is dead now,( i hope) but the long term effects so far are : i have knee problems, they are sore and always popping out of socket. My doctor said it acts like arthritic.I have terrible joint pain in my elbows fingers neck and back. I have lost my 20/20 vision. I have ringing in my ears 90 % of the time. I am in constant pain. I wake up with the flu every day. i have memory loss. Like can't remember the name of something. like a doorknob or a robe. some days i laugh at myself, some days i cry.i get headaches. i have a hard time walking because of my knees.

I am still on pain medication and will not let them give me a higher dose. i struggle with as little as i can. I have terrible mood swings. my husband tells me i am a different person now, my personality has changed. I still take prozac everyday. it is very hard to stay positive about things when your in pain all of the time. i went to the dentist last week and they told me i had 15 cavities. I never had any cavities until i was 27, then i had 3 until the last 2 years, they said i am getting cavities where people usually don't get them.. nice huh,....I also now have a handy capped license plate.

The reason my doctor would not treat me for lymes in the beginning was because, there was a lady in michigan that was treated for lymes by her doctor and she did not have it, so she sued him and he lost his practice. It scared every doctor in the michigan. So unless there was documented proof that there was lymes in michigan, no doctor would even discuss the matter. I am now 47 years old and taking it one day at a time. It is really scary when there is no one that can tell me what else to expect from this thing in the next 10 years. Maby it is better not to know.

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