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I am interested in knowing how long it takes to get results back from Igenex?

One week, two weeks? Do they send the results back to the patient or to the doctor?

I ask my Rhemu doctor to be the designated person on the fill out sheet, since there's no LLDM in this country.

Hi there.

I believe the website says about 14 days for the results to be sent to the doctor. They will not send them to you, but they will tell you when they sent them off to the doctor. I would call IGeneX in 15 days and ask when/if they sent them to the doctor, and then call the doctor in a few IGeneX mails the results.

Then you need to be on top of the doctor. I too had an RA doctor agree to the test through IGeneX and it took him 4 weeks after he received the results because he was confused about the report. It basically said I was positive according to IGenex for all tests, but not CDC positive, which if you read this board at all, is not common (being CDC positive.) I know he was confused when he finally did return my many calls because of his shaky explanation. When I had his office send me the report, it all made sense after that. Getting a LLMD is critical in cases like this.

Good luck!
Any news Nexis?

My neuro said its not neurological as I had an mri 1. 5 yrs ago for migraines.....(I thought it was a CT) and he said if I had anything going on it would have shown up. I of course thought, WELL I was not having these issues then! He also said if it was lyme it would have shown on the mri but I did not have these symptoms then so.....

Getting tested w igenex tomorrow. Guess I can bring my paperwork to labcorp for the blood draw and send it off?

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