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I am interested in knowing how long it takes to get results back from Igenex?

One week, two weeks? Do they send the results back to the patient or to the doctor?

I ask my Rhemu doctor to be the designated person on the fill out sheet, since there's no LLDM in this country.

Hi there.

I believe the website says about 14 days for the results to be sent to the doctor. They will not send them to you, but they will tell you when they sent them off to the doctor. I would call IGeneX in 15 days and ask when/if they sent them to the doctor, and then call the doctor in a few IGeneX mails the results.

Then you need to be on top of the doctor. I too had an RA doctor agree to the test through IGeneX and it took him 4 weeks after he received the results because he was confused about the report. It basically said I was positive according to IGenex for all tests, but not CDC positive, which if you read this board at all, is not common (being CDC positive.) I know he was confused when he finally did return my many calls because of his shaky explanation. When I had his office send me the report, it all made sense after that. Getting a LLMD is critical in cases like this.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for replying to my message. Great. I now know when to expect the results.

Actually Igenex has been very helpful. I called them here and there, and I know that the doctor there will answer questions regarding test results and also possibly refer us to doctors too.

I am not sure what your story is with Lyme, yet I hope to eventually learn on the boards.
Hi Nexis, glad you got this done! I still need to get mine. How are you feeling?

Keep me posted!

Thank you very much for your concern. I finally sent out the blood test kit. IgeneX has been extremely patient and helpful with question I had before finally packing and sending the kit from overseas.

I just now need to manage all these conditions. I was at the dentist today and I felt as if I was on a roller coaster just form laying down on the chair.

Its just so embarrassing and just mentally frustrating because I still look very fit that some people think that I am exaggerating. I feel like I am 90 years old!

I also need to cut out alot of activities and only leave the house for necessities.

How have you been?
I hear you, I get the " you look okay to me" all the time, because I too look healthy aside that I have lost weight (I was already 105 at 5'5)

My joint pain is not as bad but seems to come in waves, I still get it daily. The joint cracking is still extreme and now I am getting muscle twitches all over my body. Nothing seems to add up as ONE possible thing so that is why I feel it could be lyme. The only thing I have not had done is an MRI-but I do not want the radiation as I had a CT scan twice for migraines in the past. I feel like some of my things are neuro-the muscle twitches, the buzzing of the feet, dizzy spells, but the joint cracking I dont think would be. At anyrate, I am going to take my test soon.

Keep me posted on things

With your weight loss, Addison's came to mind. Have you been tested? That's actually quite thin, I think the most thin I have been is 108lb at 5'3. I am now about 120lb.

Also what about your thyroids?

I hear you regarding the MRI, I had two done in the past 4 years so I should be careful not to over do it.

When you are planning to get tested? My results should be back by Sept 8 or so.

Definitely, keep me posted too, and please do whatever possible to be positive in finding out a solution to this madness! not out of :jester:(jest!)
Does addisons show up in blood work? If so I dont have it they have tested for EVERYTHING-thyroid included. I am genetically thin and also work out a ton, so I am naturally around this weight though I have lost more unintentionally-- I even cut down on cardio to ensure I am not burning calories.

Yeah, two cat scans, a bone scan and chest xray all within the past 8 yrs--I cant do anymore!
With Addison's you need a special testing called the ACTH stimulation test.

Its a very specialized test so unless your doctor knows what Addison's is, you most likely not had the test done. Its quite rare, so most doctors don't know what it is.

A Endocrinologist is specialized in this condition.

I had a preliminary test done, checking cortisol, aldestrone, sodium levels and they all came back normal. My skin color hasn't changed much so, the doctor and I decided that we are not going to go the Addison's route, nor do the ACTH.

Is your skin turning a dark color?
Nope no skin coloring..

I am worried I could have ALS due to the muscles twitching all over my body. Guess I should go see a new neuro
If you have insurance, please be aggressive in finding the right doctor. The more time passes our conditions will not improve so do a alot of research on what doctors in your area, a neuro that can test/examine you for ALS.

Yet also too to have the Lyme test as well....

I pray that all is well for you too....
Any news Nexis?

My neuro said its not neurological as I had an mri 1. 5 yrs ago for migraines.....(I thought it was a CT) and he said if I had anything going on it would have shown up. I of course thought, WELL I was not having these issues then! He also said if it was lyme it would have shown on the mri but I did not have these symptoms then so.....

Getting tested w igenex tomorrow. Guess I can bring my paperwork to labcorp for the blood draw and send it off?

Thank you for keeping me posted! I have to redo the enitre blood test process...

I will have to try to do it all over again sometime next week...

You can either have FedEX pick up the test kit at your home, and make sure that its pack properly and even call FedEx in advance to make sure everything is clear and ready to ship. Yet since you are in the States, I don't think it would be a problem.

Which doctor are you having your blood drawn? Your internist? or a specialist?

I had an MRI done twice in the past 4 years and NOTHING! It doesn't mean you don't have Lyme, and its actually a blessing that nothing is showing up for you too because by then, its too late.
Well I was going to go to lapcorp to have them draw the blood, my dr does not do it in the office! Hopefully it flys!

Keep me posted on your testing-how frustrating!

How are you feeling?

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