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Hi Everyone,

This is my very first post - forgive me if I'm asking something that has been asked before, but none of the threads that I found 'fit' my particular situation.

My history is below, but I'll start with my question to save a bit of time! I guess the root of my question is...did anyone have symptoms of social anxiety, depression, brain fog, low motivation (I love to 'feel like' having a hobby of some sort), memory, flat personality (I'm kind of in neutral - I'll have lows, but I don't really get excited about much of anything) that improved when they were on Rocephin?

My story is...about 10 years ago I went to my family physician with headaches, anxiety, and a tightness in my chest. He was concerned that I might have MS so he sent me for a spinal tap. The test was negative, so he sent me away with a rx for paxil which I was on for about 8 years or so (I eventually went off it becuase it didn't seem to be helping at all). My symptoms never really went away, but I thought that I was just depressed. Over the years, I've been noticing additional symptoms, mostly cognitive and psychiatic. Sometimes I honestly can't think of the proper response when someone says hello to me. I usually limit conversations to things surrounding my opinion because I can't remember simple facts for the life of me.

Almost 11 months ago, I had a healthy baby boy but became severly depressed and mentally foggy (I couldn't figure out how to pay the bills, etc.) immediatly after. My doctor treated me for post partum depression and started me on Zoloft, but I always felt that there was more to it than that.
Eventually I began to suspect Lyme and found a LLMD in NJ (thank goodness for her - she was the first in 4 doctors to listen to me and not tell me that it's PPD that I'm experiencing). Igenex ran a WB in May 08 and my IgM and IGG results were both positive.

It's to the point where I feel like I can't think straight, I really don't enjoy being around people since I can't think of a thing to say and I'm withdrawing from my friends/family (forget about joining a new moms group!).

I have other symptoms too, including chest pain, tingling in my spine, ringing in my ears, eye twitches, headaches and joint pain. I can actually live with that stuff (although I would prefer not to!), but cognitive and psych stuff is what is really driving me crazy (for lack of a better word). I get so frusterated because I'll read something and then not remember how to apply it. For example, I'll read something on baby care and then when the situation arises I can't remember what I read even a few minutes before. Also, I seem to be unable to read and follow directions. It's endlessly frusterating.

I have been on 3 different oral meds and several supplements and my doctor wants to start me on Rocephin, but BCBS just denied coverage.

I'm willing to fight for tx if I need to, but I want to have some idea if the Rocephin will help first. Any successes? Also, does anyone have a template of letter to send to insurance appealing denial based on medical necessity? My dr sent an inital letter, but I'm not sure how to proceed now. I talked to my company and they will cover the cost of Rocephin once I've exhausted my appeals with BCBS, but I'm not sure what my next step should be right now.

Thanks! :)

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