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Aug 29, 2008
[QUOTE=mjs225;3707815]Hey Bill S -
I wanted to ask a couple of questions about Dr. Mozayeni. I have a first time appointment with him in a week or so. I just wanted to get your review on him and his treatment protocol. I was diagnosed with Lyme over a year ago (but prior to that went appx 9 months undiagnosed). I have been treated off and on for about 8 months. Some things have worked, some have not. I see an LLMD in CT now, but currently go to school in DC (originally from outside Philly), and he wanted me to find someone closer to school to help monitor the treatment and provide his own insight (still will keep my doc in CT but much easierto manage geographically esp. if i decide to do an IV.) Are you satisfied with Dr. M's work? Is he familiar with autoimmune disorders that may or may not be triggered by lyme and its coinfections? Does he only use a holistic approach? Are his methods dangerous? Any insight or input would be much appreciated. I will take anything or do anything to get my life back. My main symptoms to date (although somewhat improved) are neck stiffness/ pain, headaches, joint pain, dizziness, and this "dolby digital" feeling (hard to explain - kind of like you have a bass in your body).

Thanks for any advice,

He definitely does not only use a holistic approach in that he does routinely use abx. He typically likes to use minocycline, but for me we had to use Cefzil. He was going to put me on Flagyl, but after I mentioned that I did poorly previously on it and I showed him an study on Tindamax (which he personally knew the researcher) he decided to give the Tindamax a go - it seems to have worked well with no significant side effects.

He seems well versed in various auto-immune disorders related to Lymes; he mentioned to me that a high percentage of people he sees for autoimmune disease (being that he's a Rheumatologist) are Lyme-exposed. He's definitely into the co-infections. Last time I saw him he was really working on a connection between a Bartonella variant and several auto-immune diseases. He's also working on getting some improved testing methods for Bartonella, being that there are numerous sub-types that the current testing doesn't work on.

He likes to use some elements of the Marshall Protocol (which initially made me very nervous considering the huge controversy concerning that protocol ), but does not seem to follow it strictly. He has said to me that he does not agree with the Vit-D avoidance; quite the contrary he wants to raise Vit-D blood levels to normal ranges - which in many patients seem to be low because of the inflammation the Lyme's causes.

He does use the Benicar (but not as high of doses as Marshall likes to use) to lower tissue inflammation in conjunction with Vit-D supplementation where warranted. He likes to use the Vit-D blood levels as a rough indicator of overall inflammation in the body - which he believes the Lymes spirochete creates in tissues.

He does use supplements and herbs rather heavily to help support one's system unlike most other docs.

Another thing that you may not realize yet, is that Lyme's isn't like most other infections in that you take an antibiotic for 2-3 weeks, and whammo, you're cured. Because it has such a long life cycle (reproduces about every 30 days) and most antibiotics will only kill it when it tries to reproduce, you need 2 long-term antibiotics - 1 to kill the spirochetes in the blood, and one to kill them when they hide in your tissues in cyst form. If you don't take the one for the cyst form, it'll come back again. Alot of LLMDs like to give both abx until you are symptom free for 2 months (2 life cycles of the spirochete).

So don't expect a fast miracle cure; there isn't one. I was on abx for 8 months and believe that I'm finally cured (one year now apparently symptom free). It might take you awhile as well; don't be discouraged by that, but keep some hope in your heart, for it is possible to be rid of this dang disease though it surely isn't a easy road.

I've seen numerous people post here about taking major IV meds for long periods but not taking a cyst-buster like Tindamax or Flagyl and then complain when they relapsed later on. A total waste of $3000-5000/month IV meds when a second cheap oral abx would have completed the job. :(

Only problem is that he doesn't take insurance; you have to pay up front and try to get reimbursed. But given what I've seen of what my Ins co was willing to reimburse me (absolutely pathetic), I don't blame him one bit. Bring a well stocked checkbook for your first visit, as he likes to run a bunch of tests and it can get quite pricey. Also, hjs appts tend to take awhile; my initial visit was 1 1/2 hrs, with followups tending to be 35-45 mins. My insurance company actually had the nerve to send him a letter saying that he was taking too long with me, and that most docs could knock out office visits in much less time. Quite suprising, given that their reimbursement up until that point had been ZERO (and later only averaged 10% of the total bill).

He also treated my father in law who apparently had a mild case of Lyme's for over 10 years (arthritic type symtoms, but various docs didn't pick up the Lyme infection); he'd been bitten by 2 ticks on a day outing to the Eastern Shore and came down with 2 bullseye rashes (!). I found Dr M for him, not having seen him yet, and his treatment although different than the one he used on me, seems to have worked well also.

What other questions do you have? :)

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