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Redd, I really did feel that the immune booster helped in the area of how much time it took to feel better, after the round of Antibiotic's was done.

I do agree that it does last past the time your done with the meds. I kind of forgot that part and I'm glad you reminded me again. My sister has had many health challenges in her life, then she got Lymes D.

With your post it brought it all back with more clarity. Thanks.

Joyce this stuff is pretty much an epidemic any more, I read a study a lady was doing since back in the 80's, this [email protected] can lay dormant in the body for up to 5yrs, stress, weak immune system, surgery...any traumatizing event can bring it out of it's dormancy. I couldn't believe what the heck I was reading that I didn't know about.

Redd's right, it can mimic so many different diseases.
40% of the people that come in to the hospitals now, thinking they have Lymes and they do, it's a positive test. I wonder how much of the remaining 60% have a dormant bacteria in their system that can hide and even make it's own capsuled cell, the immune system doesn't react to hit, it's just another cell.

If something triggers the bug to start up in the system and mutate in the body, you can get all kinds of different ailments and go to many doctors trying to find out what your symptoms seem say you have. Example a 'liver' disease or virus, parkinsons disease, fibromialgia(which is a huge one to test for lymes, it fits all the symptoms)....there are so many to list, if I had to guess how many ailments it can mimic I could be here all night. People have been on their death bed, bed ridden with these bugs in the body. But if found you can treat it.

Some times it will not show in the testing facilities. There are some you can really get a lot of answers at though, the lymes board is very good at stearing you in the right direction for answers.

The really sad part of this whole thing is that too many doctors are treating people and they don't have a lot of information on where to go with the test. All the hospitals can draw blood and send it out, why not send to a decent lab. Hospitals in most area's all do a standard test, not a really specific test. You need a full panel of what bug is there, because different antibiotics take care of different strains of the bug. This is where the doctors are failing miserably. And treating with too little of a dose and not the variation of need to take, usually not long enough either.

Ok, I'm rambling, if you get on the right board here you'll get lot's of great answers and opinions.

Remember when the season changes to fall the deer ticks are out again.
Now they say we could even be getting lymes from skeets, mites, and blood to blood contact.

Joyce, these are just opinions, but lets say what you have IS something else, you could save your self a bundle getting the lymes test along with the rest, if it is lymes you've saved your self a lot of time and money searching for phantom symptems this can show up as, and all along it was bacterial.

Your smart to be your own advocate in your health.

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