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I am a 28yo female and I live in RI and about 5 weeks ago I noticed a reddish-purple blotch with a distinct bite mark in the center on the back of left knee/lower thigh. It was about the size of a golf ball, maybe slightly larger, but never had the bullseye appearance. I disregarded it thinking it was a fly or spider bite. It didn't hurt and was really never itchy. This blotch was very noticible for about 3-4 weeks. Then it started to fade a bit, but you can still see it a little and can still see the bite mark in the center.

So about 10-14 days ago I started having symptoms such as: extreme fatigue, slight achiness, bouts of chills and hot flashes, strange feelings of restlessness in muscles of arms and legs, slight fever, just an overall miserable feeling. So off I went to my primary care doctor last Tuesday because I was getting nervous thinking it might be Lyme disease. I explained all of my symptoms and what the blotch looked like, and showed her the mark you can still see a little, and told me right away that she thought it was Lyme.

The doctor started me on amoxicillin 500mg 3x a day. I started that last Tuesday night and will be on it for 3 weeks. She said we would do bloodwork to test for it, but that the test can be inconclusive. The following morning I went for a full panel of bloodwork, included the ERISA test and western blot. I am still waiting for those results. Its been almost a week.

But this past weekend was the worst I have felt through all of this! I was extremely fatigued and weak - to the point of not wanting to move. I am so tired and feel like I could sleep for a million years, but when I try to nap or sleep longer I can't fall asleep. I also am having problems with focus and concentrating and losing my train of thought. Its really strange. Then yesterday I felt so exhausted and dizzy like I could faint at any moment. Such a horrible feeling! I have never felt like this before.

Just wondering if anyone else started out like me? I am really nervous about the whole thing, especially like what happens after the antibiotics are finished, and what kinds of follow-ups should be done. Also what should be done if the tests are negative. I will obviously finish up the amox. Just really nervous and looking for support.

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