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Hi there. My sx started as shooting/stabbing pains that jumped around--mainly fingers, hands, ankles, toes---usually being a random toe/finger etc...lasting anywhere from a second to hrs. A few days after the onset I noticed my foot would get tingly and sometimes feel as thought it were vibrating. A wk after I started to get very extreme joint cracking and popping all over my body. Then 3 months later non stop muscle fascilations all over my body everday, then followed by nerve pains and muscle pains. I have also had a bruise type feeling on the right side of my spine that is there every single day. I had a full mri or head and spine, showed slight DDD in my spine (not sure if its the exact area as my pain), and c spine stenosis. I am going to request another one of my mid spine w contrast--just to be sure there is nothing there causing these odd things, though not sure how that would cause joint cracks.

I have had a full body bone scan, EMG, tons of blood tests. Finally sent my labs to Palo Alto and only tested pos on 31 and IND on 34 41 IGM. My LLMD thinks this coupled w my sx is enough for treatment. So on doxy now, I add zithro Monday then Flagyl. I retest in 5 wks, so if it is lyme it should show more + due to die off

I have a hard time accepting I could have this and keep thinking maybe its something else missed, though I have had SO many other tests. This mid spine thing worries me as though its a tumor or something but I suppose the original mri would have picked that up?

What bands did you test pos on?

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