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Hi again 6Blues, Thank you for answering me. I have a few follow up questions I hope you don't mind me asking.

I know that you were on Levaquin for 9 months and a positive Bart test in May. Did you test prior to May and have a negative test? Did your doctor start treating you on symptoms for Bart, and then after being on Levaquin re-tested and had a positive test?
The reason I ask is that I tested for all co-infections in the beginning of my treatment for Lyme and came up negative. However after 3 months IV Rocephin, 4 months Doxy IV, 1 month Zithro IV, and 3 months Cefepime IV, I mainly have the terrible neurological problems still. With anxiety/panic, confusion, and dizziness being the worst. I feel like I'm out of reality everyday. It's very very bad for me. I struggle through everyday.

Based on my continued symptoms my doctor feels strongly that I have Bart. So he chose Levaquin based on Dr B's advice. I am aware of the tendon pain. So far so good. Did things irritate you like people talking or even the TV set? I'm just so irritated. Can't work, great insomnia. I'm desperate to get better and I hope the Levaquin works for me.

I have terrible balance problems also. I have the constant ringing ears and I thought that this might be attributing to my balance problems. Did you have the ringing ears? Do you think that Bart/Lyme damage your vestibular(ears) system, causing the balance problems? I worry about it. My ears have been ringing 24/7 for two years.

I know you might not remember but if you can how long did it take for the Levaquin to help the brain fog, anxiety/panic, agitation to stop? I know were all diffferent but I'm looking for some hope. This is my worst symptoms. I have great depression and am thinking about an antidepressant, but I fear making the symptoms worse.

I have been getting the circular redish/purplish spots, and even streaks that come out of nowhere, and then fade. Some are perfect circles 1/2 - 1 inch its crazy. Then I'll just have tiny redish/purplish dots. I guess this is classic Bart. I also have sore feet. This is such a crazy disease. I think everyday that it will kill me yet I wake up and start the vicious cycle the next day.

Thank's for answering.


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