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Hi Betzy. :wave:

I have Bartonella too.

I tested negative for it but my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) treated me anyway based on my symtpoms.

I was on oral Levaquin, 500mg per day. I was on it about 9 months when I noticed that some of my neurological symptoms went away - hooray! My brain fog lifted and I felt like myself again.

I just stopped the Levaquin. My LLMD felt it wasn't effective for me anymore. She said I can go on it again someday in the future.

Levaquin can affect tendons badly. I never had any tendon pain so I was okay. But anyone going on Levaquin should keep an eye out for tendon pain.

I was on IV Rocephin for 9 months. I didn't really get any improvement out of it at all. But that's just me. There's plenty of folks here who did see improvement on IV.

Peace and health to you,

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