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Hi manchak99. :wave:

I've had 3 different rashes.

Rash #1.

About 5 years ago, never having been sick a day in my life (of course!), I discovered a rash on my right shin.

It was oval, reddish and was raised bumps. It itched like mad!! Drove me crazy with scratching. Once, I sat on the edge of my tub, scratched the heck out it then poured alcohol on it. It burned and I had scratched the heads off the bumps, but it didn't go away.

The bumps didn't bleed when I scratched them, they kind of oozed. They would form scabby heads which dried up and fell off or I scratched them off.

I tried every rash and itch cream known to mankind and saw a dermatologist. It still didn't go away.

I used to wear pants at work instead of a skirt so I could scratch it under the conference table during meetings.

It went away on its own after a year or two. I don't know why. I guess I chalked it up to being a severe case of poison ivy, poison oak, poison something. Even after it went away, you could see it's shadow on my skin - like it was still there but dormant.

So I went along with my life.

Rash #2

But then I completely lost my sense of balance, my hair fell out, I gained 100 lbs in 5 months, the bottom of my face went numb, my short term memory went out the window, I began to suffer from fatigue and major vision problems.

9 doctors and thousands of dollars later I found no answer for what was happening to me.

In January of 2005 I saw an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) and tested CDC positive for Lyme. I began treatment. The first 2 years of my treatment I think I got worse instead of better.

I tested negative for Bartonella (a co-infection of Lyme) but my LLMD treated me with Levaquin on a hunch.

Thank God she did because I broke out in Bartonella rashes over a period of a year or two as the Levaquin killed the Bartonella. My Bartonella spots looked like bruises, more brown than purple, and some looked like scratch marks. A few months ago they stopped appearing. I got them on my arms and legs.

They were round and a bit startling. No fun to wake up and find a group of brownish spots on your body! Yikes!

During this time, my itchy rash came and went many many times. Probably due to Herx'ing.

Rash #3

While on the Levaquin, I found another rash. This one was just above my left heel, and it was a bulls-eye. It was weird to see it. I had been treating Lyme for a long time by the time this rash popped up and it saddened me to see it.

Sorry this was so long - :) I hope I didn't scare you or give too much information. I just wanted to share my experience.

Other than a dermatologist who literally laughed at me for going to see her about that initial itchy rash, I didn't take action till the stupid bacteria got into my nervous system and reaked havoc.

I encourage you to search out an answer.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.

Peace and health to you,

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