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Hi stickman64. :wave:

I just finished a week of work and I'm so darned tired! I'll post a short reply but know that there's a ton of info about Lyme to read and share.

Sounds like you did your homework! That's terrific. Knowledge is power.

1) Is IGENEX a well established lab and are their results reliable ? Yes and yes

2) I keep coming back to ALS, even though the IGENEX tests are positive
and I did have a rash. Would you be comfortable with the Lymes dx and
disregard ALS ? Hmmm .... personally, I would continue Lyme treatment while learning about other potential diagnoses. A positive Igenex result was proof enough to put my butt in gear and treat my symptoms aggressively for Lyme. I won't stop until I feel like my old self.

3) Could all of this be just BFS ? Sorry, but I don't know enough to offer any comments here.

4) Am I expecting results too quickly from the abx treatment ? Tough one to answer. The duration of Lyme treatment depends on many factors including an individual's immune system, the specific strain of infection, whether a person has co-infections, how long they have been infected with or without treatment and how generally healthy they are. I was one of those never-been-sick-a-day-in-my-life people. I had my first headache at 30 yrs old and my first head cold at 42 yrs old. I have been aggressively treating my Lyme and Bartonella for 3 1/2 years. My first year or two of treatment yielded little improvement. However, I am now feeling much better. I will continue to treat with traditional antibiotics and eating healthy and drinking loads of water until I feel cured, no matter how long it takes.

5) Has anybody had success with this abx treatment ? I tried a slew of antibiotics until I found relief: Ketek, Biaxin, Ceftin, Omnicef, Bicillin shots, Tindamax, Doxy, Levaquin, IV Zithromax, IV Rocephin, and currently, Spectracef. I feel a pharma rep. :D

Personally, I found the most relief by going after my co-infection first with Levaquin. It took about nine months until I felt better.

Hope I addressed some of your concerns.

Peace and health to you,

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