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Hi Helen. Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. That happened to me on biaxin too and I had to get off it. I lost so much weight, could not eat a thing, bad digestive problems. I became extremely weak and fragile and thought I was going to die. There are plenty of antibiotics out there, you should not stay on one that is hurting you.

I did very well on zithromax with plaquenil but you need to find a combo that works for you. I have been on ceftin, biaxin, doxy, erythromycin, ketek, zithro, flagyl, mepron, levaquin, and lots of others sometimes several at a time. It's crazy. I'm not anything right now.

My whole family has lyme too, just like yours. I hope you get better soon. I would like to recommend that you take digestive enzymes with every meal and probiotics in between abx doses to get your stomach back to normal.

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