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[QUOTE=k2626;3741010]Wow, so you tested negative on the urine? Was this after you went on antibotics? Igenex said that this "challenge test" is usually accurate as the bact dies when you go the meds and comes out in the urine. Or did you have a different urine test?

Your symptoms sound like mine, did you ever have a rash? I did not.

How long did it take from the time you had symptoms till you got a dx?

When you were tested positive was it by the old CDC standards or new (ie-2 bands IGM, 5 bands IGG).

Finally, how long did it take for you to feel better?

Thanks so much for sharing, sorry for all the questions![/QUOTE]

Mine was the Urine Antigen? test that Igenex gives.. 3-day sample. I was given that packet of tubes the first day I saw the LLMD. And that day or the next is when I started taking abx. I pretty much did the test right off the bat, because I see the LLMD once a month, and they like the results in before your next visit. 2 of the 3 samples was negative, and the other was apparently a bad sample? LOL

Through Igenex, I tested positive with 5 bands, IGM. My LLMD did not test IGG via Igenex.. but I am convinced that if all my symptoms are related to Lyme, I was infected at least as far back as '98.. and the only time I know I was bit by a tick (ever recall physically being bit or having one removed) was in 1987, when I was visiting Pennsylvania with a friend. The tick was on my back, and my friend's grandma removed it for me. (Oddly enough, years later I had something I thought was a mole, removed from my back in that same general area). I don't know if I ever developed a rash or not at the time.. I never saw one. However, in 1991-92, I did get a circular rash on the back of my left thigh.. it came and went. Then 10 yrs later when I was in my first pregnancy, the ring came back- same place. The OB/GYN thought it was ring worm, but I know for sure it was not.

I had some weird issues back in the late 80's, early 90's.. but the first major issues started around '97-'98. I started having nerve pain in my left arm.. then in '98-'99, sharp chest pains in the left side, that would shoot down my left arm. I did see many doctors off and on over the years, and that really picked up steam about 2 years ago. I was having a lot of nerve pain, and these bad cramps in my outer left thigh.. plus the numbness in my right big toe. In the last 2 years I've had mammograms/breast sonogram (because of breast pain), 2 MRI's (2nd one because left side went numb- it led to finding out I had suddenly developed 3 thyroid nodules), FNA (thyroid), NCV/EMG (nerve) tests, upper GI, colonoscopy... previously I was also tested for carpal tunnel, and given a number of chest xrays and EKG's LOL

So basically the same crap most people here go though. LOL! So after all of that, I didn't get diagnosed with Lyme til May of last year. I'm currently on Bactrim and E-mycin, and have been on it for 3 months. Aside from some minor aches and pains, and some muscle pain in my calves (and stuff other than Lyme- ulcer, degenerate discs causing some nerve pains, etc..), this last 3 months is the longest I've gone feeling more or less "normal". I'm actually weaning off the E-mycin as of yesterday's dr. visit. So I'm hopeful I don't backslide, and that I can actually be off meds soon. :)

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