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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I didn't know about Lyme Literate Medical Dcotors when I was trying to get someone to listen to me. I had a couple doctors run Lyme test but I think they did the Elsia, with no positive. I also had Western Blots done with bands pulled up. I was told they were not positive. And seems like when I had them ran at different times then different bands would pull up, but was still told it was not positive.

Right after or towards the end of my picc line. I had a test done at the hospital. It had a "slight" positive. hmmmm...But the doc I was seeing at the time he was treating me anyway. Obviously he didn't know a whole lot about the lyme testing. BUT i will always be grateful to him for putting his license on the line for my life.

I tested with Igenex twice and no positive.

Now here is "one" of the reasons why so many of us don't test positive.

According to the radio talk show I heard one of the big Lyme doctors was on. He was saying that the lyme bacteria (spiorkette) does NOT like oxygen. So it hides outside of the bloodstream in tissue, organs, muscle, bone, ect...The longer you have it the harder it is to get the critters in the blood.

I am not sure you know this but Lyme is a cousin to sphillis. Same type of bacteria.

I am so happy you got into a Lyme specalist as soon as you did. yeah!

Let us know how it goes.


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