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Sept 24th, I saw my LLMD. My last 3 months of meds (Bactrim and Emycin) seemed to go pretty well, that he said we might try weaning slowly off the abx.. instead of Emycin 2x a day, I'm taking it once a day. Well, Just in the last few days, I noticed a rash on the side of my right thigh. Very small- not quite the size of a dime. Very dry in the center, not itchy.. it was very slightly pink at first. Now it looks like an almost perfect red ring on the outside. It feels like a dry patch of skin. This is almost exactly like the rash that I had on the back of my left thigh in 2002, and 10 years prior (which was also on the left thigh). I took a picture of it, but frankly.. I'm concerned that this means my Lyme is still very active and that I should not be weaning off meds. :confused:

LMAO! My husband just came into my office, saw me with my pants down (to describe my rash!!) and said "Uh, I'll leave you alone then". :D

Any thoughts please?

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