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Lyme Disease??
Oct 8, 2008
Oooookay this is my third posting of pretty much the same thing from around the site. Please bear with me :)

What bothered me lately (over the past year) is that I seem to wake up at night, my body feels like it's completely vibrating, my mouth goes numb and my heart starts to feel like it's racing. My muscles will twitch in my upper body (chest, shoulders arms etc). This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. It doesn't happen every night - and at times it's little noises that seem to set it off in my sleep (or half sleep). I don't tend to get night sweats, or problems breathing during this.

I've been to a couple of doctors regarding this and they just gave me Ativan (for anxiety attacks). I had tried this a few times, and it never did anything - they had even bumped up the dosages and I eventually gave up on them (no point in taking medication that doesn't work).

What made me wonder if it was the possibility of seizures is that I sometimes get spacy at work.

I'll be sitting and reading a book during my break and I just start to tremble (hands, head etc - kind of like an elderly person who can't keep their heads still). I'm 28 years old. After my trembles, I always feel spacy - usually dizzy and it seems like my sense of smell has been extremely hightened (I smell things that don't seem to fit in where I am), and I get a metallic or odd taste in my mouth. Sometimes I feel ill to the stomach afterwards, sometimes I don't.

I've also been noticing some strange memory loss - I'll be doing some work and KNOW what I have to do (I do it every day!) and all of a sudden, my mind is BLANK! And it takes a day to remember it (e.g. username at work in one of the systems we do - i had never had problems before remembering it... and all of a sudden it's GONE from my mind and I can't remember it completely for a day or two. This is rare but it has happened twice from what I can remember.

Other problems i have been experiencing are:

-Severe burning headaches (I wake up with them and they last for a day or two... nothing helps - and they always originate from the left side) Happens once or twice a month.
-Chest "vibrations". This is not painful - but it kind of feels like when you have a chest cold and your lungs rattle when you breathe (I do not have a cold), lately this has been an ongoing thing... and hasn't seemed to stop over the past week.
- night time chest/shoulder pains (left and right side). This is not the same as the "vibration feeling" mentioned above. (Doctor has ordered chest x-rays for this and the vibrations)
-GERD (prescribed Nexium)
- Severe nocturnal leg/foot cramps (I've been prescribed quinine whicn seems to have worked, cramps are no longer as severe)
- fatigue
- unexplained swollen lyph nodes behind the ears (sometimes painful, sometimes not). Doctor doesn't seem to think it's connected to any infection (blood tests prove, and he has now ordered Skull x-ray)
- Unexplained swollen ankles (not during PMS) heart related?
- missed periods - all urine and blood pregnancy test show negative (prescribed Marvelon).
- feeling of "losing my mind" and worry that I'll "snap" at any given time... this has been more recent.
- wake up suddenly to a loud noise from outside (I live near an Airport and the "boom" of a plane "stopping" will make me wake up suddenly gasping for air and thinking my chest is going to explode from the sudden terror followed again by the body vibrations and tongue numbness/metallic taste.
- sometimes I have a stabbing pain in my chest/back when I take deep breaths, very painful.
- Strange "lump" on my back... underneath the left side of my ribs. Doc think it's old scar tissue from a serious injury from when I was younger - but I've never had any kind of serious injury, and never in that area. Sometimes It's extremely painful to move or lay on - and sometimes it's just there (painful to pressure)
- my lower back is ALWAYS painful to pressure. Doctor has ordered massage therapy.
- tendancy to drop things without warning... I just lose grip on something I was holding normally.
- every once in a while I'll break out in these strange rash like scaley patches around my body. It's not quite itchy, but they're ugly as sin. I usually dab on some Selsun Blue one night and wash off the next morning and it goes away within a few days. One doctor diagnosed this as Tinea Versicolor.

I've been to the doctor and have had blood tests, they all show up as normal.
The doctor is now sending me in for a Skull and chest x-rays.

I have posted this on a couple of boards, adding some more symptoms that I remember. And one person actually mentioned that Lyme Disease sounds like my symptoms.

I remember I was picking my kids up from daycare about 5 - 6 years ago. Once I got home I made dinner, then went to the washroom and noticed this strange blackish/brownish thing on my collarbone (or just under) I thought it might be a spider. I kind of freaked out (I HATE BUGS of all sorts), and started slapping and swiping at it - eventually knocked it off. I don't remember if I ever ended up getting any kind of ringlike rash reaction, but my husband agreed that it was a tick. it was tear shaped and was about the size of the push part of a thumbtack. I just forgot about it after a while.

Do you also think this may sound like Lyme Disease? I'll be asking my doctor about it on my next visit.

Thanks for listening :)

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