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More rashes?
Oct 10, 2008
This is a little long because of a little bit of backstory, but stick with me..
In June, I got what I know was a Lyme rash because it started off just like the one I had five years ago- it was orangey-red with tiny pink dots. It wasn't itchy and it wasn't raised. It was about the size of a dime when I noticed it, but by the time I saw my doctor 3 weeks later, it was about the size of a half-dollar, and it was distinctively a "bullseye"- the edge was a lot darker than the middle. My doctor started me on 3 weeks of antibiotics, but the rash continued to spread and get bigger. I didn't think my doctor had me take the antibiotics for long enough, so I went to a LLMD at the beginning of September. I felt kind of dumb because I didn't really have any symptoms besides the rash. I have been fatigued for about 2 years which could have been from the first time I had Lyme 5 years ago and my doctor only gave me 2 weeks of antibiotics... but it could also be a side effect of the three anti-seizure meds I'm on. And I've also had memory issues and concentration issues over the past year or so, but that could also be a side-effect of my other meds. So I didn't really have any concrete Lyme symptoms besides the rash (which I still had despite the first round of antibiotics). My tests came back negative for Lyme and co-infections. But he started me on 8 weeks of antibiotics.
Anyway, the next day, I noticed what looked like 2 other Lyme rashes. One on the undersides of each knee. But I figured I was safe with the antibiotics.
And then last week, I noticed another similar rash on my hip... They look a lot like the Lyme rash I had 5 years ago, and then again this past June... But there's no way I could have gotten bitten by that many ticks. I haven't even been outside as much this summer as I usually am, and my cats don't go outside, so they couldn't have carried any into the house. So why are these rashes, that look like Lyme rashes, still popping up? Or does that mean that the rash I thought was Lyme wasn't really Lyme?

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