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Hello Everyone,

Hi I just had a picc line placed today for lymes treatment. The medications that i will be on are Rocephin 4 grams a day 2 in morning and 2 at night, along with Flagyl, and Erythromycin. Has anybody been on this regimin for treatment and if so how did you tolerate the erythromycin? I have read in Dr. Burrascanos book that erythromycin is pretty much worthless and not good on the gi tract. Is there anything else that i could suggest to my doctor for this as a replacement? Does everybody on here follow a strict diet when being treated for lymes and if so what are some good foods that aren't high in carbs and sugers because it sounds like we have to pretty much 86 that stuff out for now. I am trying to avoid the diarreah by any means possiable because i am in the Police Academy right now so having it isn't really an option, so how has everybody done with there treatments on Iv therapy? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Has anybody heard how Ticker is doing she just dissapeared off the planet.
Hello...I had IV treatment back in 2005. I had an allergic reaction to the Rocephin (could not breath!) so had to do Doxy. I had to get the line pulled early due to an infection that spread from the line into my blood stream - very scary so BE SURE TO KEEP THE LINE CLEAN! My nurse skipped a week and the line somehow got dirty and I got very sick when I flushed the any rate to answer your question..

During my IV I was still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle - I raced as a professional duathlete,but of course was not training during that time. So while I could not cut out all carbs I found cutting back as much as possible really helped. One thing that worked well for me was juicing...I juiced a couple of times a day and I always felt so much better when I did this. I did alot of salads with good protein sources and tried to stay as close to raw veggie state as possible. I would try to get my body temp up and would force myself out the door when I could for an easy run, hike or bike. I know most people could not do that with lyme but my starting point was a bit different because of my training...I also felt a slight herx afterwards and would top it off with a good juicer drink. Best of luck to you!

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