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Could this be Lyme?
Oct 18, 2008
I've posted this description on quite a few health boards, now. I was on another forum that deals with Brain/nervous system disorders and quite a few people saw my description and thought it might be Lyme.

I hope you guys can look over this and tell me what could be the "tell tale" signs of Lyme, if I have any. I don't think I have Lyme, but I do have something very annoying and odd going on with me, and it's been going on for 4 years now.

I was bitten by a "large" tick about 8 years ago now at a camping trip, but it was removed before the 36 hour mark. About 5 years ago I was bitten by someone's dog on the leg, and I was told by the carer that the dog "had all its shots". I went in and got a tetanus booster the next day.

In closing, I would ask that some of you be careful with suggesting Lyme, because I also have anxiety problems, and some of these could be caused by anxiety.

I'm 27, male, with no diagnosed diseases. Recently I had a battery of blood work done (the usual, cholesterol, enzyme/vitamin levels, thyroid) and nothing abnormal was found. I have no history of neurological diseases in either side of my family. I do not have high blood pressure. I am very myopic however and I do have mild astigmatism.

About 3-4 years ago, after a prolonged episode of drug addiction, I experienced a feeling of "head pressure" that got steadily worse. That part may be important... it started off as tolerable, and over time, got worse and worse. It is now at an unbearable stage, and shows few signs of slowing down. It is almost a constant sensation--it can occur anywhere in or around my head, no preference for any side or area. It also extends into my neck (usually around the left side of my neck.)

Much more alarmingly, along with the head pressure getting worse, other symptoms have slowly appeared.. few, if any, going away. Whatever new symptom crops up, seems to stay. These symptoms include:

- Lots of floaters in the eye, which may appear out of nowhere and change on the fly--tolerable, but very annoying
- Daily tinnitus (mostly in the left ear, but occasionally "switches" to the right ear)
- Slight lessening of sensation on different areas of the body
- Visual problems, most noticeably (right now) is slight double vision, slight difficulty moving my eye muscles (seems to be tied in with head pressure)
- The double vision started 7-8 months ago, it just seems as if the "calibration" of my eyes is slightly off... hard to describe though.
- Stiffness/postural problems, makes for awkward walking, but no actual problems with mobility. Could be partially due to sitting in front of a computer too long, lack of proper exercise, etc.
- Stiff neck (could be from postural issues)
- Snapping jaw, like it's out of alignment (sometimes my jaw "tweaks to the left" involuntarily)
- My constipation (always a problem) is out of control
- Caffeine ingestion seems to cause occasional blurred vision and floaters, but not always.
- Alcohol intolerance. It makes most of my symptoms worse, especially the eye twitching/involuntary eye movement stuff--more than 3 drinks and I notice worsened symptoms the next day, even past the hangover stage

The head pressure was the first symptom of this "condition."

So, there are several aspects to this "thing" I have. I do have an anxiety disorder but low incidence of actual panic attacks.

So, is anyone familiar with the head pressure at least, and found a way to relieve it?

Bill Zenith

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