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Hello agin everyone,

I am on my seventh day of IV Rocephen, and oral Ketek, and flagyl and so far all i have gotten out of this is the diarhea from it. Does anybody know just how long before I will start feeling any better? Should I already be seeing some kind of improvement at all? I am kind of worried because after all I am just being treated based off of symptoms only and no positive bands at all. Will the lymes start to show up in blood test after awhile on the treatment for lymes or not? This diarhea is really getting old and it isn't getting any better. Does anybody have any solutions for this whats so ever. I am taking plenty of probiotics. I am thinking on having the line pulled this week just because it isn't doing anything at all, and I know they say you should wait at least 3 to 4 weeks but being on this broad spectrum of antibotics a person should at leat be noticing something at least with the neuro aspect of it. That Rocephin should penatrate the blood brain barrier by know i would think at least from what i have read. Please any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

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