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[QUOTE=ktinbk;3782751]Hi amm4711 -

You should definitely talk to your doctor about supplements. I see Dr. Raxlen in NYC, and he has me on a bunch of supplements- vitamin C, EFA, magnesium, colloidal silver, L-carntine, elderberry extract, intestinal permeability formula. And I take milk thistle for my liver in b/w abx. I've noticed every time I stop them even for a week my symptoms get worse. It can seem like a lot, especially to those of us who normally don't like to medicate, but I'm telling you... they are life savers.

You can also talk to your doc about Diflucan for yeast. I have really bad problems with that as well. Honestly, I had a constant candida infection for like nearly 10 years before my LLMD caught it and gave me diflucan. my insurance doesn't cover more than 60 pills, so I don't take it often. But you should definitely have it on hand for when things get bad.

Don't be afraid of herxing. I say that as someone who's deathly afraid of my own herxes. It's tough while you're going through it, and it's really easy to freak out. But honestly they happen for a reason and you WILL feel better afterwards. Just talk to your doc beforehand and see if you can call/email while you're herxing to check in and make sure things are normal. It also helps to get a general practitioner who will respect your LLMD's protocol and who can test things like your blood count, liver, kidney, etc, periodically as you go to assure you that everything's OK. Mine's been awesome about that. I see her during every single herx and I always leave feeling a million times better.

And yes... I had panic attacks for years in college, which I now know was most definitely from Lyme. I still get anxiety attacks frequently, especially when I'm herxing. But I get them less and less as I go. Hang in there. There are a lot of people here who can answer your questions, so never hesitate to come here for support.[/QUOTE]

i really just thought i was being crazy for a while bc my symptoms seemed totally unrelated. my husband would beg me to go to the doc but i would feel like what am i going to tell them, i'm a hypo whose whole body hurts. who had 1 grand mal seizure and then never has one again. i feel really really bad these days, i don't know if its a reaction to the supplements i'm on now or just lymes acting up. do you know anything about that. i heard it reproduces every 3 weeks to a month. is it really necessary to go to a GP while herxing or taking abx. the reason is i never really go to the doc and i just went straight to an LLMD when i put it all together with the lymes. my LLMD happens to be a internist also, so maybe that helps. my joints are super achy. do you ever get depressed or down on yourself. between the weight gain i have had really low self esteem, which is so odd for me bc i'm really confident and completely the opposite my whole life. lately it's been harder to bounce back from that. do you know anything about body fat and lyme's disease. i heard that it try to hide in fat cells. i really want to work out but have no energy. how long were you on abx before you started to feel normal again??? so i get results tomorrow from igenex, i hope they are positive so that i can just treat this already and then everyone won't think i'm so damn crazy!!!

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