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Help.. please :(
Oct 26, 2008
I'm an 18 year old male and have been incredibly healthy until about 4 months ago. I experienced severe headaches for about a month which went away for a couple of weeks and then I had a series of panic attacks. I was prescribed SSRI's which made me very sick and I had severe reactions to. I had to withdraw from school.. It was my freshman year in college. I would experience leg sensations, constant anxiety, leg pain, and many many more symptoms, but let me get to the point.

I have always been a very relaxed guy. The doctors are still trying to find out why I feel so terrible (recently I have been dealing with 24/7 derealization and depersonalization which are very debilitating, along with severe vision problems). I recently had my galbladder removed, which we thought was the problem. The ducts had sealed and no bile was able to escape, causing a lot of stomach pain.

Post surgery (3 or 4 days) I felt fantastic, the best I had in months, and there has been a steady decline since.

I was put on a high amount of anti biotics before and after surgery. I discovered Lymes disease on the internet so my doctor tested me for it (blood test). The result came back negative.

I'm wondering if

A. lyme's disease tests can be wrong?
B. If a high amount of anti biotics can fight Lyme's?

Thank you

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