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No, I don't have lyme disease. I've been diagnosed with MS,

When I first started havig symptoms, my PCP do a slew of blood tests, including a standard Western Blot. No bands came back positive. He recommended I send blood to Igenex, even though I had to pay a good bit of money out of pocket. This is before I had read anything about Igenex. It also turned out that the PCP considered himself "lyme literate," even though I wasn't specifically looking for one.

As it looked more like I had MS (based on MRI and others tests), he didn't want to believe it because the Igenex results showed 2 positive bands. I had no other clinical signs of lyme disease other than some neurological symptoms (that were pretty minor at the time). The dr. even said your symptoms don't meet the clinical picture for lyme, but Igenex says you have it, so you must have it. So, the statement that the dr. won't treat unless he is sure wasn't true in this case.

He prescribed some oral ABX, which I took , even though I was far from convinced. I reasoned what could oral ABX hurt? Well, I found out soon enough that they can cause serious side effects and complications. Iv antibiotics are potentially worse. Also, almost everyone that walks into that PCPs office now is diagnosed with lyme.

I'm not saying that Lyme disease doesn't exist, or that people are not mis-diagnosed. But, when people come here for advice, they should be given a full picture (though no one should blindly follow medical advice from the internet). A few years ago, the NY Times did an article on Igenex, and the "lyme community" was up in arms. They screamed for a retraction, even though everything in the article was fact.. And, from searching, I have read a lot of statements that simply aren't backed up.

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