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Thanks Mike, I appreciate you sharing your story.

My story is I had been feeling a bit tired since Feb, with some eye pains-nothing big, thought maybe it was from lasik or retivalash.

Anyway, on June 1 I was walking down the street and got a sharp pain in my lower back, I could not walk. 10 mint later it was fine. Then on the evening of June 16 my left ankle hurt so bad as though it would snap but in the morning it was fine, later that day it was my right felt as though it was being crushed but 30 min later it was fine. The 3rd day I had pains skipping around my body-a random finger, toe, ankle, spine, shin and also had a vibrating feeling in my right foot on and off-like you, it felt like a phone was on me. Well about a wk after this I noticed EXTREME joint cracking all over my body. This all has continued except for 2 months I have had twitches all over my body, now I have vibrating and tingling in my left foot (on and off), muscle pains and for two days this week my pointer finger went numb.

I had a full MRI of spine and head-no lesions. I have heard that one can have MS and a clear MRI. In your experience, do you feel like these pains I have could be related to MS?I know you are not a dr, but do you think they could just onset so suddenly (pains jumping everywhere),etc?

I also notice the vibrating at times in my foot when I put my head/neck down--but this could be the cord compression in m yneck

I do have stenosis in my c spine w cord compression, but drs dont think it is the cause of widespread issues I am having. I have also been told by 2 nueros that I do not have MS-both say stress, however, I KNOW something is wrong. The only person that seems to be on my side in terms of helping me is my PC

I want to be sure I get a proper dx. and follow the right path/s.

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