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Hi there,
I posted a thread in the nervous system disorders forum, but I thought I'd post here to see if my story sounds like it could by lyme.

Here's the original thread:

Basically, I've had numerous blood tests, all normal, including a blood test for Lyme, although I'm not sure what that entailed. That was normal too. MRI normal, all physical exams normal.

My main symptoms are:
-nearly constant dizziness (not vertigo), just a woozy feeling that makes concentrating difficult. It gets better or worse depending on the day/week but I never get sudden deterioration, it's always gradual.
-tingling in legs, arms
-weakness in legs, arms, whole body

Doctors have consistently said they think it's all related to depression/anxiety, but at this point, I don't really see how that's possible. I'm not depressed, and my anxiety is a lot better now compared to when this all started, and things have gotten worse since then (16 months ago), not better.

I know all this is vague and could be a few things, but based off my test results, there's very little it could be at this point. Unless they missed something in the MRI, it's either lyme disease or anxiety I guess. My doctor doesn't seem that interested in prescribing more tests at this point, I've done a ton of them and they're all negative.

Opinions are most welcome. If people here think there's much of a chance it could be Lyme, then I'll push my doctor to get more extensive Lyme tests done.


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