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Find a testing lab call Igenex Inc. in Palo Alto California.

CAll them and ask to speak to a doctor who will recommend which tests to take.

They will send a test kit, or ask your doctor to order the kit from them.

Unless you are seeing a Lyme Literate doctor, don't have a general doctor select the testing, consult Igenex.

I was tested negative for Lyme both times, by government lab and then by Igenex, YET I test positive for a co-infection that comes along with Lyme, which was only offered by Igenex.

There are many different co-infection, and many different variants thereof!

So don't for get to order the co-infection testing. There's several, and the doctor at Igenex will recommend which co-infection test to take depending on the regions of the USA you have been/travelled.

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