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I have been told the tacyhing is from the low grade fever I run every afternoon. I also have been told BP up and down is also a response to the fever. I am also anemic, another side effect, but fortunately my reticulyte count was high, so my body is producing new red blood cells to fight the anemia. This is third week on Rocephin, breathing fine now, herxing again last 3 days, all of a sudden in the afternoon covered in a red unraised non itchy rash on my neck, torso and arms, lasted all night, gone today.
Knees remain unchanged, except now I have developed a Bakers Cyst behind the most swollen one which I have to have a MRI for tomorrow. Being referred to Lyme Specialsit and will have to go on oral antibiotics after Rocephin because of side effects of long term use without breaks( no weekends off, 6 days on, one off etc..) Who knew?? So grateful you guys are here. Thank you.

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