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Bullseye rash info
Nov 9, 2008
Hello all,
I've been treated for chronic lyme for about nine months now and feel so much better than I did before I was diagnosed (no positive blood test, just dx'd based on symptoms).

Just last week I noticed a small area on my forearm that looks like a little half-inch sized bullseye, light pink, not very distinct. It's not itchy or anything like that. Under harsh or florescent light it looks very distinctly like a bullseye with a darker circle in the center and a darker outer rim, but in dim or indirect light it's hard to tell. It's also pretty uniformly round in shape, which seems odd.

I really don't think I could have had a tick on my forearm for that long and not noticed it. It's on the outer right side of my right arm and about 2 inches or so from my wrist. I thought it could be a skin infection like ringworm, but it's the only spot and it is not itchy (I wouldn't even know it's there if I didn't look).

I don't know of any other skin things that look like bullseyes. My question is when you get a bullseye rash from a tick it's usually a good size rash, correct? My understanding was it would be at least over an inch in size and pretty distinctly bullseye shaped in any light. I've had this for a few days and it hasn't gotten larger or more distinct. I am having a big time relapse of symptoms this week (which happens from time to time, so that could just be coincidence).

Like I said, it's not impossible but pretty improbably that a tick could have been embedded on my forearm for any length of time without my seeing it. This could be anything from a bug bite to some type of rash, but seeing that it's an isolated spot and is shaped this way I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have it looked at, but it's not my lyme doctor, so I'm pretty sure they're going to look at me like I have two heads and then try to dismiss it as a spot of eczema or something. (when in doubt, call it eczema!) I'm asking for a new western blot just to be safe.

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