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[QUOTE=hpatrice;3791776]My Symptoms:

chronic tension headache, blurred vison, chronic sinusitus, ear infection, hearing loss, ringing in ears, memory loss, confusion, movement disorder w/ tongue, chronic unexplained tooth pain, hot flashes, chills, fever, night sweats, TMJ, severe pain radiating into head arms and legs, tremors, vibrating, shaking, bladder problems, skin sensation changes, unknown movement disorder in nose, difficulty falling asleep, loss of coordination, severly enlarged tongue (due to movement disorder).

hmmm, I am sure there are more but that's all I can remember now![/QUOTE]


i am in the same boat as you. i also cannot remember a tick bite past the eighth grade. i also contracted mono around the same time. ever since i can remember i have had some sort of symptom of lymes although i never knew that then. i just contributed alot of things on hormones, stress, and physical activity bc i've always been super active. i have a lot of the same symptoms as you. i periodically just forget my whole train of thought which is quite embarrassing at work among other things. my symptoms really pointing to a lymes diagnosis only came 6 months ago and i am 26. you really need to get a western blot done and confirm with a doc if you have it. i've been on abx for a week and feel less foggy every day although my joints are killing me. but each day gets marginally better than the next. good luck. have you seen any docs, what have they said??? marina

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