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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I think my family is affected by lyme and co-infections. I have been dealing with lyme since 04 and not better. One second picc and this time feel worse. I am now having a lot of heavy night sweats which never affected me before. I have a appt tomorrow with my llmd and will see if I should switch meds.

My husband has a lot of same issues and finally went to Dr. M in Rockville. The doctor thinks he has bartonella because of some marks that we thought were stretch marks and symptoms. He did a bunch of testing and also believes his thyroid is acting up. Husband has to go back next week to have frye test done.

I have three kids. Oldest is 17 and was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 12. Then at 15 with rheumatory arthritis, then last year with fibromylagia. She has a goiter and thyroid is failing. She also has something else going on the doctors cannot figure out because she is constantly ill and this makes her diabetes act up. So far this year she has been in school for 19 full days. The doctor told me sounds like she has a lot of same issues and maybe not arthritis, fibro, etc so she has an appt for Dec 11th unless a cancellation comes through. I have had her tested several times but everytime negative.

Then last night we were talking about the rash and my 15 year old son ask if what he has looks like it. Has not showen me before but along along his butt he has the bartonella rash so now I am worried about him and making an appt.

I also have a 9 year old but so far things seem ok but what if? We have two rotties and one was diagnosed with lyme 6 months before me. She has had to go back on meds about 6 months ago because it was acting up. This morning she was curled up in her crate shaking bad so I know she is not feeling well. I just do not know how much more we can take.

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