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My name is Jenn & im 25 years old with quite a bit of pain & problems, that i now believe is lyme disease, or maybe candida?? more likely lyme by candida is also a relm im goin to explore & rule out asap. So my story started about 2 years ago & 2 years later, here i am with no diagnosis. My problems started off with my head being really messed up, migraines, pain, stuffy, you name it. So my doc at that time said allergies. was put on something (cant rememeber) for that, seemed to help a little bit for a little while, then came back worse a few monthes later. so then diagnosed with migraines, put on low dose topamax. that helped a little for a little while, a little bit, but not much help. so at the time i was also on low dose progesterone only b/c pills. i stopped taking them to see if that would help my migraines and it did a little but after stopping the b/c pills my body has been a little at of whack since then. and that was about a year & a half ago now. So a few monthes later i get diagnosed with mono. ugh!! that was not fun AT ALL, i was down for about 3 monthes straight from that, just sleeping & sleeping and body aches and sleeping some more, i barely remember those 3 monthes of my life. So once again i was a little better for a little while after that, but never really "normal" still got migraines here and there, still felt sick alot, and about 3 monthes after my mono incident i felt like i got it all over again, was exhauseted and felt just ill & like crap, so they said maybe u do have it again or maybe its a virus, let its run its course. so i did, a month or 2 later, back to my normal, which is crappy. and ever since then ive been expierencing lots of things. been to so many doctors appts or specialists, and every month for awhile my symptoms seemed to appear almost to the exact day on the calander every month, so we look into hormonal problems and my cycle, they think it could be endometriosis. which fine, it may be, for those symptoms that i have, and im suppose to go see my ob/gyn this tuesday to talk about having the laproscopic procedure done to relaly see if those are whats causing my excrutiating pains every month. but besides that these are my current problems ive been haveing for the past year now but getting worse as time passes by.................
-numbness, tingling feeling in my arms & feet (left side the worst)
-nauscious (everyday), never ever throw up, just nascious
-brain fog
-spacey or unfocused
-i now i have swollen knees (left side worse then right, noticeable side)
-muscle pains here there & everywhere it seems
-heart palpatations from time to time
-chest pressure from time to time
-back of my head to my neck feels stiff
-tired, fatigued alot
-bed ridden alot of the times because of all this
-feeling like ur exhausted when i havent even done anything yet

im probally forgetting some stuff, but thats an insight of what i feel like ALOT of the time. :(
I see my regulare doctor on an average about every 2 weeks to try n figure out whats goin on. or to talk about results from various tests we preform, and no diagnoses yet. ive had every "regular" blood test done imaginable, ive been tested for lyme like 2 times and even crazy uncharacteristic blood work done, ive had xrays of this, ct scans of that, ultra sounds of various places, recently had my hormones tested cuz i really thought that was a big problem, but once again came back "normal", thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, went to see an orthopedic specialist for my knee cuz at first we thought i injured from playin basketball. Seen a ureologist becuz i have lots of recurring UTI's, but think its assciated with sex, so was givin medicine to take jus for when i have sex to lower my chance of having one come back again. next i go to my ob/gyn on tuesday, then my doctors appt the follwing week to talk about getting more in depth test for lyme done & then im waiting to see a rheumatologist on dec11th.
So, thats where im @ and what i go threw almost everyday. its very frustrating and i was out of work for almost a year & a half because of all of this, and i went back to work about 4 monthes ago and now just a few weeks ago, had to let go of that job as well, do to my health, pain & problems. i need an answer, and hopefully it will come soon enough. Thanks for listening and any input would be helpful & appreciated.
- <3 Jenn

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