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My friends, I wrote this thread in 2006 and would like to share it again:

This is something that has been a huge help to me so I want to share it with all of you...

When you are fighting to regain your health, it's going to go a lot better for you if you aren't just killing lyme. The other half of the battle is restoring the systems of your body that have been broken down by it. For me that includes the thyroid, adrenals, and the immune system and others. There are tests you might want to have that will help you understand if your body has been damaged or compromised in any way and if it has, you can try to build up those areas and the fight against lyme will be more effective. Some of those tests are:

Thyroid T4, T3 and free T3. Many of us have Hashimoto's hypothyroid.

Adrenal stress test, including DHEA, pregnenolone, cortisol and HGH. A wonderful product called Total DSF by Nutriwest will build up the adrenals.

Immunoglobulins to see if your immune system is fighting. Eleuthero root is a great immune booster, as is cat's claw.

Iodine testing--it is possible to do this at home on your own. Many lyme sufferers have low iodine levels. You can read more about this and how to test yourself in Dr. Jernigan's book "Beating Lyme Disease." Iodoral is very helpful if you have low iodine levels.

ATP and mitochondria tests--especially do this if you have no muscle strength where you used to have some or if you become drastically fatigued after minor physical exertion. If you have fatigue or chronic fatigue symptoms, many people have gotten excellent results with rhodiola, about 400mg a day will give you energy.

Neurotransmitter testing--especially if you have depression, anxiety or brainfog that doesn't go away when you detoxify. This will test your epinephrine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitter levels. St. john's wort is very useful for depression (900mg a day), L-theanine for anxiety, 5-htp is excellent for insomnia.

Heavy metal testing--It's not uncommon for lyme sufferers to have high mercury levels. Also, high levels of lead or any other harmful metal will greatly inhibit your recovery ability. Cilantro is a very good metal detoxifier. You can read about it in Dr. Klinghardts lyme writings.

Candida levels--Yeast symptoms are very similar to lyme symptoms. Yeast can cause major systemic problems and make you very sick. It can give you itchy rashes and leaky gut, and extreme fatigue. If you are taking antibiotics long term, you will want to keep a close eye on candida levels. Probiotics are great for keeping yeast in check, regular garlic is good too.

I hope this is helpful to you, it has made a huge impact on my battle against lyme.

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