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[QUOTE=lanky0581;3803609]I was possibly infected with Lyme disease about one year ago. I just got a blood test. The test they used was Lyme IgG/IgM Ab which came back <0.91
Lyme Ab Interp., EIA negative
Lyme Disease Ab, Quant, IgM <0.91
Lyme Ab IgM Interp., EIA negative

So my doc said no Lyme disease, but was this the best test and if not what other test should be done. I've read a lot about how the Lyme test is flawed and the diagnosis is frequently missed.[/QUOTE]

The Lyme IgG/IgM Ab is the standard ELISA test, IIRC, and this is a very poor test with a high rate of false negatives if you're are infected with a strain of borrellia which is different from the strain used to create the test. A recent paper authored by Dr G. Wormser noted that this test's accuracy could fall as low as 39% when used on people with subtypes of Lyme Disease. A much better test is the C6 Peptide ELISA and/or the Igenex IGG/IGM Western Blots. However even the C6 test was only 69.5% accurate according to Dr Wormser.

If you cannot afford further testing, ask your Dr to put you on minocycline or doxycycline for a month to see what happens. If you feel worse after a few days and better after a few weeks, it probably is Lyme Disease. Dr Donta, a noted IDS, recommends open ended treatment with tetracycline, until the symptoms abate. This antibiotic is very inexpensive. Dr Donta has published his treatment recommendations, and you can find them online.

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