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Yeah, it's no big deal, and IV rocephin is pretty easy on the system. You should watch out for gall bladder problems though, and you might might want to rig up a system to allow the IV bag to be as high as possible if using a passive flow system, as the added pressure will help push it ito your system. I ended up hanging my IV bag from the ceiling, as it would not flow at a good rate otherwise.
Having done IV Rocephin, I have been taking Probiotics, "Acidophilus" since I first started treatment with Doxy which didn't do it. I then went to IV therapy Unit at my local Hospital for the Rocephin,doesn't take long..about 45 minutes total with a flush. I kept a Hep Lock in, which did have to be changed several times, poor veins. Everyone is different. If you get any pins and needles or cough, the Nurse may suggest you take Benadryll with it, which helped me. The Probiotics and yogurt helped my stomach. I found it easier to tolerate for sure with the Acidophilis. Best of luck!!
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I was on Rocephin also. Nine months until I had a gallbladder/pancreatic attack. I was told Rocephin is the hardest on the organs. So you truly need to watch for any signs of problems.

Sure you know to keep your arm dry, watch for staph infections.

Don't lift heavy objects with your arm or your line can back out.

When I had my gallbladder attack the surgeon says, "Let's take it out!" My doctor told me to do a flush by ....Dr. Shult'z. you can find him on line. And his products. IT WORKED! :)


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