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Hi to all you wounderful people. I have been reading all your stories for the last week. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. My delema is a bit different. My 8 year old daughter had a deer tick on in June and we went to the doctor. We brought the tick with us in case they could test it. The doctor told us that 1 in 40 ticks had lymes not to worry. I insisted on a blood test. They took the blood and a few weeks pass. Tests come back negative but a chance the B burgdorferi was detected so they did the IGM was done and that was negative, at least I was told. So no need to worry. a few months pass and I am still looking for symptoms and she has no bullseye rash but gets hives. Once again doctor and ER room say no to posibility could be rash from Lymes. Later I spoke with a friend and he had rash and treatment and also had hives and said it could be the rash. Now months have passed. I hunt down a doctor dealing with lymes in the south part of the state (maine) and she decides she can take my daughter since she is a child otherwise she is full. I don't think she is a LLMD. She requests Igenex lab work and here are her results. IGG 41tt 45tt 66t Negative and IGM 18t 23-25t 31t 34t 41IND 58t 83-93IND. IGM is positive for Igenex and Negative for CDC/NYS.
Doctor wants to put her on Zithromax for 4 months, (based on my daughters weight but she didn't have a scale at her office?), she tested for coinfections and recommends probiotics to help deal with the antibiotics and afterwards can test the urine to see if it is gone. After reading all your stories and the pain you all are suffering or have suffered, I am leaning on giving her the drugs. Its just I must need reassurance that I am doing the right thing giving drugs to my child that seems healthy. And so long? What can anyone tell me about Zithromax? And the urine test? Am I doing the right thing? Well I better get to bed. Haven't slept much lately worrying about all this. Please write when you can and let me know what you think. Thanks
Unfortunately, you have stumbled upon what is turning into a raging debate. On the one hand is the established group that feels Lyme disease is readily detectable from symptoms and blood tests, and can be treated with short-term antibiotics. On the other hand is the group that feels many, many, many symptoms are the result of Lyme disease, and that it should be treated with months or years of antibiotics.

You mention that the last dr. you saw is not an LLMD. There is no requirement for a doctor to call himself or herself an LLMD; it just means he or she considers that Lyme can be a long-term, chronic infection and is willing to prescribe long-term antibiotics. If you sought out the doctor in Maine, I am willing to bet she considers herself an LLMD. And almost all the LLMDs will use Igenex. They will tell you, and you will read on the internet, that Igenex is the best lab for lyme testing, and they can produce false negatives, but never false positives. I do not believe this true; in my case and several cases I have read about, I believe they produced false positives. Also, (if it is the same test), I have read that their urine test is not reliable at all.

Now, I'm not a doctor and don't know much about antibiotics, but Zithromax is usually prescribed for sinus infections. Usually, the standard first line treatment is doxycycline. Zithro seems relatively benign, and probably wouldn't have any side effects. Usually, the LLMDs like to prescribe combinations of antibiotics, and this can cause problems. But, then again, your daughter is only 8. My advice is, if you have a general practioner that you trust and feel comfortable with, seek out his or her advice. You are right not to blindly give your daughter medication.

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