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Igenex is one of the most reliable labs for testing for any tick-bourne illness. Do not accept a basic ELISA test, because they are often not reliable. No test is fool-proof, but Igenex is the lab most good LLMD's will use for testing. They should run an IgM and IgG, western blot... your doctor might also request a urine antigen test, and (if you can afford it), co-infection testing. If your doctor gives you a basic test through a typical hospital lab, and it comes back negative, do not assume you are negative for Lyme. You need to get a copy of your test results as well, and perhaps post them here where fellow Lymies can help you figure them out. :)

I was bit by a tick in 1987, and had been experiencing a myriad of symptoms for .. well, obviously a very long time. It wasn't until I came to a forum like this (and had somebody suggest that I test for Lyme) that I found a doctor willing to have me tested. I go out of state monthly to see him. (I've been in treatment since May of last year.) My ELISA test through LabCorp (which most hospitals use) was negative.. in fact, only one band showed up, and it was negative. However, I did the testing through Igenex and was CDC positive for Lyme. I would highly suggest looking for a Lyme Literate doctor, if you don't have one. :) Best of luck to you!

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