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Lyme and ms
Jan 3, 2009
Hi I am from Ms board but I am undx as of yet and not quite sure what is up.

Brief history==was always very tired from teens on, got better here and there but about past 2 years or so just always very tired. Then about oh 6 months or so ago I had bowel issues, was having little visual disturbances like pinpricks of light dancing, blurry vision at times, double vision briefly here and there. also had things falling asleep like extremeties./electricity feelings. I ignored this bc it was random and just chalked it up to being tired.

well over xmas break everything went very bad and downhill. I was at the store and started getting vertigo feelings, and saw weird dots on peoples face and couldn't see clearly. The lights were flickery and I felt odd. I left the store, drove carefully and just felt out of sorts all day. I just thought maybe I was tired. A few days later I woke up and couldn't urinate. went to er as I have a history of kidney stones. No stone no infection. blood/urine perfect, cat scan, no stone. Went home. Urinary went to frequent. Next morning happened again, than that night up and down with urinary frequency. It's like when bladder is full I can't go, I have to force. The day after this I came back to bed, and went numb-tingly-prickly from wait down about 15 min. Then started having pins and needles in places, balance was terrible, dropping stuff, developed a twitch for 3 days..legs felt very heavy, trouble walking bc of weak on. It was scary and awful and I had no energy. NO fever no flu nothing like that. all neuro.

Started leveling off after about 3 weeks from the start of it. Left with still uncoordinated and in a different world feeling. forgetful, clumsy...short tempered/cranky/depressed, had trouble with a bath, tired... so on. I did notice my knee and jaw started cracking a lot too. Unusual for MS I think.

Doc did balance tests, reflex, all abnormal, got me into a neuro about week later, was feeling better at this time as it was not in the midst of 'attack'. Reflexes better. He didn't really tell me much about exam but I think I did ok. Brain mri normal, with tiny white pinpricks that he said are normal. no lesions. still waiting for spine mri. testing for other stuff like vit b12 deficiency.

Now am wondering about lyme as the symptoms are so close. One thing I remember was a few years ago about 4 or so I broke out in hives for no apparent reason, thought it was something in water bc it flared bad at beach. It happened a few more times then left as quickly as it came. Except about 2 mths ago I was done with a lithotripsy (kidney stone procedure) and I broke out in hives on my arms again. They said it was morphine intolerance but not sure.

did anyone else have a undeclared hive thing they remember with lyme? Also have read of similarities bw Ms and lyme, but what are the differences? I don't get fevers much, maybe once a year if I get the flu. I get occasional colds but not too often, usually just sinus here and there. so fever is rare for me. Isn't that one of the differences between them? MS doesn't have fever and lyme does?

so any info would be greatly appreciated.

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