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We live in a very high Lyme area of the country. My husband has been suffering from a bunch of strange symtpoms over the last 3 years. He has seen multiple doctors over this time period. The most serious problem for him was a constant head pressure that would not go away, that developed in July of 2007. About 6 months ago, he developed a thyroid problem, and started synthroid to treat it. Finally, being convinced he had Lyme disease, he started seeing a LLMD in NJ about 2 months ago. After a positive spec scan of his brain along with his other symptoms, she concluded he definitely does have Lyme disease, which we think he got sometime in the fall of 2005. He has never had a positive blood result for this at all.

She started him on oral antibiotics for about a month, and most recently, he has started IV treatments of Rocephin, which he will have to do once a day for god knows how long. Along with the Rocephin he is taking Probiotics, and also Milk Thistle and Uva Ursi herbal medicines for his liver and kidneys, which are already showing signs of problems from his most recent bloodwork.

He is feeling very weak and sick from being on all this medicine-this morning he told me that he worries about the future, and he has been pushing himself to work every morning, which involves a 50 minute commute one way.

My question-is it normal for someone starting Rocephin to have side effects like this, mainly causing weakness? Or could it be the herbal meds? Or both?

I am so scared that he will not be able to function at all at some point from all these meds, including even being able to work anymore. He told me he has no other choice-he needs this antibiotic to get rid of this disease, or it will eventually kill him. I'm very scared-We have a 4 year old daughter, and I have been doing pretty much 100% of everything involving her to help him so that he could rest at night, since I stay at home with her. This has literally been hell for us, especially these last three months or so. Neither of our families understand this illness, and discuss it as if it's nothing more than the common cold. No help or support there. All of this stress is starting to take a toll on me and our daughter as well. Not to mention the fact that I also have chronic muscle aches and pains,(I could very well have this disease too) and have to drag myself through the day surviving on advil.

Any feedback from someone knowledgeable that knows about these IV treatments, long term prognosis, and side effects would really be appreciated. I'm not sure where to turn at this point.

I'll take any advice and support at all at this point-thanks.

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