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I just received the results of my Western Blot for Lyme, and was wondering if anyone could help me decipher the test results. (JoJo?-the info you have given me recently about Lyme has been VERY helpful-hope to hear from you again in regards to this question.)

Everything was negative except for one band, the one I most feared-41. The exact band is the IgM 41 (it says Present next to it), and there is an A in the column next to it (not sure what that is.) On my husband's Western Blot, he tested positive for band 41 IGG only, and he definitely has Lyme,(VERY positive Spec Scan) so my results are confusing me. I've been trying to research the significance of this one band, but I am not getting enough info about it to know if I really have Lyme or not.

I should also mention, even though I feel a bit embarassed to do so, that at the time I had my blood drawn for this test I was in the middle-to end of a herpes outbreak, and had been treating myself with Acyclovir. Could the herpes in my bloodstream have altered my test results? I would think if my body had antibodies present and was fighting this virus, that it could have possibly made band 41 present. I had a Western Blot test done in 2006 which was completely negative, so I'm kind of scared about this. Should I have a repeat Western Blot test done when I do not have any infection present in my body to see if the results are different? I get these Herpes outbreaks every other month or so, so it's hit or miss as far as the virus being active in my bloodstream. I also have mild arthritis-could this affect the bands at all?

Another question-does anyone know about Dr. Leslie Fine in West Caldwell, NJ? She is the LLMD my Husband is currently seeing, and he thinks she's great. If anyone needs a LLMD in NJ, you might want to give her a try. I was in her office recently and was extremely shocked at how sick a lot of the people in her waiting room were-I'm scared to death of having this disease myself and having to go through the hell that my husband is going through now-IV Rocefin through a picline, plus starting a new oral antibiotic today as well.

Sorry about the long post here-I'm unsure where to turn anymore with questions!
41 refers to the tail on bacteria in general, or so I have read, it can be for any type of bacteria, even gingivitis.. from what I recall it's not a lyme specific band.
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Garamond"]Hi Dawn, Look up above on this board on the "Lyme Information" Thread. There is a break down of the bands and you will find the info for band 41.

It is a band for Spirokette's. There are many spirokette's. Remember even syphllis is in this category. Not saying this is what you have, just using as an example.

There is controversary over this band. Some doctor's say it is a true sign of Lyme, where other's say that everyone test positive for this band.

My thoughts, you have symptoms you could very well have lyme.

Also there are many many herpe virus's. Nothing to be ashamed of. I myself have Epstein Barr, Cytomeglovirus which both are in the herpe family. And another herpe either one or two. Have you tried Valtrex? I find that much better than aclovir. (mis spell).

I wouldn't think that your test would be interfered by a break out. But I will tell you that the lyme bacteria's don't always hang out in the blood stream. They don't like oxygen. So they hid in everyother part of the body. You are lucky if you get a postive from testing.

If at all possible you should see the doc your husband sees. Let her help you. I know it is expensive, but letting "your" health go isn't good either. You don't want to wind up like other's. Get it treated now before you get to that point. (if you have lyme).....Let his doctor make the call. Just my thoughts.

It would be good also if you were tested for co-infections.

Hang in there,


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