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I wanted everyone to tell me what they think of my story, and I had a few treatment questions on the side.

Let me introduce myself and my somewhat strange circumstances:

I am a 25 year old white male, originally from Eastern Canada where I contracted Lyme disease, likely 5+ years ago during a summer spent tree planting in the deep woods. I have almost all of the classic lyme symptoms as far I can read, and have had these symptoms for approximately 4-5 years. The earliest symptoms appeared immediately after tree planting (snapping joints, rib pain), but the worse symptoms (insane headaches, extreme bone/joint pain, general malaise, extreme fatigue, etc) appeared gradually later. Also, I never had a rash, which helped contribute to the late discovery.

Anyway, I could go on about symptoms and the hell of trying desperately to find out what was slowly coming to destroy my life for these years, but I&ll get to my point and main questions.

I am currently in Japan on a one year work exchange. I have been here for 7 months and will be here another 5. As perhaps anyone can imagine, the disease is not nearly as prevalent or well know here, but I have managed to find a doctor specializing in the disease. I also managed to have a doctor I was speaking with for a lengthly period of time sign papers and approve a blood test at Igenex to confirm if Lyme Disease really was the culprit. The test results: positive for chronic Lyme and Ehrlichiosis (both with low titers). I managed to have my doctor perscribe antibiotics and I am currently taking them now (it has been one week).

The medication perscribed:

28 days of doxycycline, 200mg per day.

Based on everything I've read, this dose strikes me as low, but I understand doctors' opinions vary, and for now this is my only choice while I'm in Japan, so my current goal is to take the 28 days worth, and see what happens, and then go see a LLMD when I return to Canada for full all-out (as much as necessary, I mean) treatment options.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, as for my questions (thanks everyone!!):

1. I expect that the doctor will not be willing to perscribe further antibiotics after the first month. Based on everything I've read, one month of doxycyline is very rarely enough... If I cannot get a refill/further medication, I was planning to simply wait until I return and then `restart` treatment with my Canadian doctor. What does everyone think of my current treatment given my circumstances? Any advice as to what I should do, anyone I can seek for advice, etc? Is it safe to stop antibiotics for some period of time and then resume later? (I've heard of bacteria developing antibiotic resistance and such). Also my doctor doesn't seem to believe the positive result for Ehrlichiosis.. assuming that the Igenex result is dependable, what is the standard treatment people in the US/Canada receive for a combination of Chronic Lyme / Ehrlichiosis ?

2. What exactly does `low titers` indicate? Is this good, or bad? I read that it describes the concentration of antibodies in serum, but I don`t really understand what it indicates.

3. Can anyone share their treatment/recovery stories? I have only been on antibiotics for a few days and have not felt any different (A lot of my symptoms are really in full bloom, but it doesn't seem to be the extent of any of the "herx reactions" I read about online, so I dunno)

Thanks in advance everyone, I apologize for the long mail!

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