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The million dollar question!

The lyme bacteria reproduces approx every 3-4 weeks, and can only be 'killed off' with oral antibiotics when its splitting and reproducing. Thus why doctors put peeps on 6 weeks antibiotics so that its in your system long enough to kill a reproduction cycle. Killing off one cycle for as long as you've had it you will most likly herx, just dont know which week.

I was told oral antibiotics don't cross the blood-brain barrier, (spinal fluid/brain), thus why IV is better. Remeber- its been years since I've been on this road with doctors LLMD and not. I was told IV, especially for my symptoms and tests.

Eat yogurt 2 hrs after you have your antibiotic in the morning to not get a yeast growth in your belly due to the antibiotics. Yeast also causes tiredness and achyness.

As for antibiotic choices, I was on Zithromax, Amoxicillin, and Doxy. I noticed a mega herx my first 6 weeks ever on the Amox- felt like I was hit by 10 mac trucks. Zithromax is expensive to stay on for sure. Doxy was at the tail end prior to my getting IV.

I was on and off antibiotics for years. I dont know about the resistance end of it indepth enough to discuss it, but was told Zithromax was one of the better antibiotics to take. I was also treated with 1000 mg Ceftin a day too for a bit. I think you will notice when you are off the antibiotics the difference in how you feel and you may feel a downward slide thereafter. And I think when you get a herx you're going to know it!!

When you're on doxy you're not to lay down for about 1/2 hr after you take it, as it causes so mega acid reflux and you want to make it through the whole 6 weeks, eat with it too (not the yogurt! Thats 2 hrs after). The dr you're with may re-test you after your 6 weeks as well- some do, some don't.

As for titers, I personally believe each persons immune system responds differently. Some have strong systems, some don't. Some people have a negative western blot, get treated with a round of antibiotics then have a positive western blot. Get that? Late immune responses, weak ones, or the fact that the testing itself is another form of the problem.

What constitutes a 'band' showing on a western blot? what shade is a positive? is a tint a negative? or just a low immune response to Lyme, why would it show up if it was a lyme specific test? Alas, delve into part of the problem. I could go on- yes I could but I'll spare you :)

Don't know how much help that was but maybe the info will help.

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