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Hello, I was wondering what kind of remenant damage people who have recovered from Chronic Lyme Disease (after long term antibiotic treatment, for example) often have.

My symptoms are plentiful, but to list a few of the major ones:

Extremely loud, painful cracking / snapping joints (shoulders, fingers, knees, spine, neck, jaw)
Extreme headaches
Pain, strange sensations / a painful "moving/bending" feeling in my left lung
Frequent numbness on face and other body parts
Extreme fatigue
Aweful muscle pain, spasms
Aweful eye pain, eye bluriness
Moodyness /extremely emotional (I think I can say this is probably due to Lyme)
Fever-like symptoms / feeling of general malaise
Strange tendonitis-like symptoms (in right upper arm, both wrists, left hip snaps)

Can anyone with similar symptoms that has gone through treatment let me know what got better (or tends to get better in most cases) and what never changed (or usually doesn`t get better).

I love more than anything for my snapping sore joints, tendonitis-ish symptoms, and fatigue to get better.. Those three are the most life impacting / job and hobby interfering in my case for sure...

Thanks everyone,


PS. I have a ehrlichiosis co-infection as well, if thats of any bearing on my future outlook. 

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